Building on Android

There are two versions: with QT and without QT.


You need to install Android SDK, NDK and QT with android support.

  • SDK (choose command line tools only, and make sure you installed "Android SDK Build-Tools")
  • NDK
  • QT(for QT only). Choose one for your platform for android. For example QT 5.6 under Linux would be this file

You also need Java JDK and Ant.

QT-Creator (for QT only)

Open QT-creator that should be installed with QT. Go to Settings/Android and specify correct paths to SDK and NDK. If everything is correct you will see two set available: Android for armeabi-v7a (gcc, qt) and Android for x86 (gcc, qt).


Take following pre-compiled binaries from PurpleI2P's repositories.

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Building the app with QT

  • Open qt/i2pd_qt/ in the QT-creator
  • Change line MAIN_PATH = /path/to/libraries to an actual path where you put the dependencies to
  • Select appropriate project (usually armeabi-v7a) and build
  • You will find an .apk file in android-build/bin folder

Building the app without QT

  • Change line I2PD_LIBS_PATH in android/jni/ to an actual path where you put the dependencies to
  • Run ndk-build -j4 from android folder
  • Create or edit file ''. Place 'sdk.dir=' and 'ndk.dir='
  • Run ant clean debug

Creating release .apk

In order to create release .apk you must obtain a Java keystore file(.jks). Either you have in already, or you can generate it yourself using keytool, or from one of you existing well-know certificates. For example, i2pd release are signed with this certificate.

Create file '':'path to keystore file'
key.alias='alias name''keystore password'
key.alias.password='alias password'

Run ant clean release