i2pd-specific changes to I2P protocols


SESSION CREATE and DEST GENERATE support additional parameter CRYPTO_TYPE specifying crypto type for new local destination

new values for SIGNATURE_TYPE: - GOST_GOSTR3411256_GOSTR3410CRYPTOPROA or 9 - GOST_GOSTR3411512_GOSTR3410TC26A512 or 10


i2p.router.status is 1 if shared local destination is ready, and 0 if not
i2p.router.net.tunnels.successrate returns tunnel creation success rate in percents
i2p.router.net.total.received.bytes returns total received bytes since last restart
i2p.router.net.total.sent.bytes returns total sent bytes since last restart


Unlike Java-I2P, i2pd keep supporting BOB with the following extensions: - newkeys - signaturetype - cryptotype.

DSA and ElGamal by default.

lookuplocal - looks for LeaseSet with specified address in router's netdb