Using RetroShare with i2pd

RetroShare is a rich set of P2P applications, which can work on top of anonymous I2P network. Quoting Wikipedia:

RetroShare is open source software for encrypted filesharing, serverless email, instant messaging, online chat, and BBS, based on a friend-to-friend network built on GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

In order to make RetroShare work with i2pd, you need to create a new server tunnel in tunnels.conf like this:

port=10123            # pick random port of your choice 

Make sure that Socks proxy is enabled, it listens at by default. If not, look at i2pd.conf documentation.

Restart i2pd with new configuration.

Find .b32.i2p address of your RetroShare node. Go to webconsole -> I2P tunnels page. Look for Sever tunnels and you will see address like \<long random string>.b32.i2p next to "retroshare".

Now when everything is prepared, you can run RetroShare itself and create a new profile. Mark it as hidden and enter your .b32.i2p address and port you have specified at tunnels.conf.

More information about RetroShare at their website.