Anonymous chat servers

Running anonymous IRC server

1) Run your IRC server software and find out which host:port it uses (for example,

For small private IRC servers you can use [miniircd](, for large public networks [UnreadIRCd](

2) Configure i2pd to create IRC server tunnel.

Simplest case, if your server does not support WebIRC, add this to ~/.i2pd/tunnels.conf:

    type = irc
    host =     
    port = 5555
    keys = chatserver-key.dat

And that is it.

Alternatively, if your IRC server supports WebIRC, for example, UnreadIRCd, put this into UnrealIRCd config:

    webirc {
        password your_password;

Also change line:

    modes-on-connect "+ixw";


    modes-on-connect "+iw";

And this in ~/.i2pd/tunnels.conf:

    type = irc
    host =
    port = 5555
    keys = chatserver-key.dat
    webircpassword = your_password

3) Restart i2pd.

4) Find b32 destination of your anonymous IRC server.

Go to webconsole -> [I2P tunnels page]( Look for Sever tunnels and you will see address like \<long random string\>.b32.i2p next to anon-chatserver.

Clients will use this address to connect to your server anonymously.

Connect to anonymous IRC server

To connect to IRC server at walker.i2p, add this to ~/.i2pd/tunnels.conf:

type = client
address =
port = 6669
destination = walker.i2p
#keys = walker-keys.dat

Restart i2pd, then connect to irc:// with your IRC client.