Anonymous websites

Browse anonymous websites

To browse anonymous websites inside Invisible Internet, configure your web browser to use HTTP proxy (available by default in i2pd).

In Firefox: Preferences -> Advanced -> Network tab -> Connection Settings -> choose Manual proxy configuration, Enter HTTP proxy, Port 4444

In Chromium: run chromium executable with key

chromium --proxy-server=""

Note that if you wish to stay anonymous too you'll need to tune your browser for better privacy. Do your own research, can start here.

Big list of Invisible Internet websites can be found at identiguy.i2p.

Host anonymous website

If you wish to run your own website in Invisible Internet, follow those steps:

1) Run your webserver and find out which host:port it uses (for example,

2) Configure i2pd to create HTTP server tunnel. Put in your ~/.i2pd/tunnels.conf file:

type = http
host =
port = 8080
keys = anon-website.dat

3) Restart i2pd or send SIGHUP signal.

4) Find b32 destination of your website.

Go to webconsole -> I2P tunnels page. Look for Server tunnels and you will see address like \<long random string>.b32.i2p next to anon-website.

Website is now available in Invisible Internet by visiting this address.

5) (Optional) Register short and memorable .i2p domain on reg.i2p.